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ICAO 5LNC system and other sources to verified the data
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Global 5 Letter Name Code (5LNC) Official source, are critical elements in the planning activity of Aviation for route creation. History: Global 5 Letter Name Code (5LNC) Official source start from the Green Book each ICAO REGION receive by paper the list of new code 5LNC to use in the creation of the new route, The ICAO GIS Services create a Database to manage this processes; so an electronic database and geographical representation GIS Services is use around the world in real time. You received the file in shape file format by email. Any questions take a look
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The ICAO Advantage


Global or local because Digital


ICAO Global 5 Letter Name Code (5LNC)


ICAO 5LNC became a good digital value for the future of Aviation


Acces to very hight level of competency and data compilation


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